Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Presents

Happy new year to all :)
I thought I’d write a quick post about some things I got for Christmas for the layout! Mainly I got some Rolling stock and a loco. Here are the pictures of the prototypes on the FR.

Worsley Works Obserbation Carriage 100. (Observation and 1st class)

Worsley Works Service Carriage 124 (Guard, Buffet and Toilet)

Worsley Works Carriage 103. (Buffet)
(No picture)

Baugley Drewery 0-6-0 'Harlech Castle' (Kit and chassis!!)

What i am going to do with the 'Harlech Castle' kit is build it as Cricieth Castle, the FRs 'passenger' diesel. Harlech Castle is the Permanent Way Department’s loco, plus I’ve already got the kit. Luckily the only difference cosmetically is the bonnet is flush with the side of the cab on Criceth Castle, but isn't with Harlech. So, some 'filling in' will be required. All of the above will become 'Set A' with the addition of either carriage 18 or 122. I've built the platform so it can take up to 4 FR coaches and two small locomotives. With some of my Christmas money, I’ve decided to buy some KR multiclass, I haven't decided with which type yet, any suggestions?