Friday, January 4, 2013


The last few days have been spent adjusting the track at the station.
A catch point was put in place of one of the crossover points, another point was placed to access the slate wharf and a few isolating sections put in.
All it needs now is power droppers to be installed in various places and the wiring altered to go into a new Controll panel that controls the entire layout.
Hopefully I will be done this weekend if everything goes to plan.
Then I need to make similar (but not so drastic) changes to the works, a bigger fiddle yard and a cob board.
Hopefully I'm aiming to finish all of this work by about June/July so there is plenty of room to test and adjust before the layout's next appearance.
The photo shows half of the feed wires for the station. Black wires go to the crowd side rail which is the 'common rail' with nickel silver fishplates. Isolating fishplates and switches power the feed gg to the 'operating side' rail.
The power to the operator's side rail is determined by the Seep point motors' auxiliary switch. This should give more reliability to get power to travel through points.