Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weighty matters

The Earls chassis has been mostly built. The two N-drive chassis has been wired together and a cradle made to hold both together in double Fairlie fashion.
After a spin arround the test track, it's lacking the power to pull 4 carriages (maximum amount it can pull due to size of station platform).
So lead was placed on top untill it would pull 4 carriages, it weighed 150g when it could finally pull 4. So now I need to fill the inside of the engine with lead untill it weighs 150g.
Some people might think it'll be difficult with the amount I need to put in there.... But I have a plan!

Seeing double.

Well today the four N-drive chassis' arrived in the post, so I can finally put a decent chassis underneath the Earl and start to build Merddin Emrys (in 1962 condition).
The photos below are of two of the N-drive chassis under the earl. N drive chassis on their own and a photo of the parts I've collected to make Merddin.
Hopefully most of the work on these engines will be done tonight.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Don't worry, things are still happening.

Well, firstly I apologise for my absence on here. It's been a busy 2 months, with car failures, work, ACF courses and family stuff. TMR will appear at the F&WHRs event 'Great and Small' on September 6-8th at Dinas. More info will be shared closer to the time. The layout is coming along nicely. There is a new scenic 'cob' board that should be operational at G&S along with a new larger fiddle yard. More info will be posted on the layout and rolling stock that will be running soon. Meanwhile it's back to modelling!