Monday, March 22, 2010

New 'workshop' / workspace

Loads of things have happened since the last post, the layout is now in pieces in the spare room. Since the attic is not high enough for me to stand without bending my neck I’m now in the process of making a place for me to work in my room and only store the layout in the attic. So the picture shows my 'working area'. (The sink is the result of the previous owner's B&B and wasn't my color choice). So, there’s space for a board to be put up to work on, and also I’m thinking of making something that covers the sink basin to give a little 'work bench'
The plans for the rest of the week are, to landscape (with plaster) the Cob board and also too start thinking about finishing the control panel. Also along the line I will need to cut two extra legs, just to be on the safe side! Won’t be able to so much over the weekend, I’m off on another training weekend with the cadets, going to get my JCIC qualification that allows me to instruct without supervision! (woo-hoo!) .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

'Landscaping' on the Boston Lodge board

Today, I mixed up some plaster and finished landscaping Boston Lodge. I also decided to roughly make a few of the buildings; it will give me a '3d view' of the layout. I've only managed to put together one of the workshop buildings, all the others though are designed, and waiting to be printed.
I've also found a very useful website

There’s a collection of walls, windows, doors, paving etc. very handy! And the best thing … It’s free! (with a limit of 20 downloads a day)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trackwork Finished!

I’ve just come from the garage, and I’ve pined, soldered and cut the track. The only thing I need to do now is to buy plugs and sockets to connect the track under the baseboards and connect it all up. I will then be able to run trains! The only thing that needs to be done then is to connect the point motors and stick on the backboard. I can then move it to my attic (I only have space to put up the scenic half) where scenic work will commence!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today, I’ve bought three Austrian locos from an uncle (two Lilliput 0-6-2 and a 0-6-0 of an unknown maker) and four coaches one without wheels. I'm not yet sure on which livery to paint my locos and stock, either the ffestiniogs brown
or mat black with lining... hmmm.
I didn’t like the colors they came in so I sprayed the two Lilliput locomotives a matt black color. I've also striped one of the coaches, (remove body, then all the windows) and sprayed it matt black too, this will give me a rough idea how the layout would look if some of the stock and locomotives where black.
Also he gave me a scratchbuilt (out of cardboard) Penrhyn mainline class 0-4-0 (Linda, Blanche or Charles as they where originally, no pony truck and no tender). This is in a bit of a ‘mangled’ state, I’ve got two ideas, one is to try to replace the broken bits, and eventually put it in the scrap line / being restored in a workshop OR make it look nice and shiny, then place it on a plinth. Either way, it probably will never run.