Saturday, April 14, 2012

The ALCo

The result of a days work. It only needs Name + Works plate, Driver + Fireman, lining and then needs a chassis. I know the paint scheme is similar to the Earls at the moment, but I am concentrating on getting locomotives to run, rather than look prototypical at the moment.

So, this is the status of the locomotive fleet.

1) Earl of Merioneth - Body completed, needs a chassis, possibly two N drive 0-4-0 chassis' linked together.
2) Taliesin - Backwoods kit, being built for me by Paul Martin of EDM models (highly recommended)
3) Mountaineer - Body almost completed, needs an Arnold 0-6-0 chassis.
4) Prince - Body partially built, I have the chassis ready to go (N Drive)
5) Harlech Castle - Body built, chassis acquired, wouldn't take much to get it completed.
6) Cricieth Castle - Body partially built, needs modifying to sit correctly on the 'new' Bachmann class 08 chassis.
7) Merddin Emrys - Langley kit, uncertain future! The quality of the castings are pretty poor and i am debating weather it's worth use some of the castings in a scratch built version. Chassis would be the same as the Earls.
8) James Spooner - a copy of an original FR company drawing is in my possession, ready to scratch build it from plastic. Chassis would be same as Earls

Friday, April 13, 2012

The ALCo

I finally managed to get a hold of one of these kits!! For a pretty cheap price too, the 009 Society Members Sales is a highly recommended service!
So, here it is. This is the 'dry run’ with only the tanks glued together and the front buffer beam. Unfortunately, the chassis I was planning on using underneath (a very nice Lilliput 0-6-0) doesn't fit. So I’m now looking for the Arnold 0-6-0.
All of the parts had been cleaned up and will be put together some day over the weekend, the other day i will be thigh high in water, underground at Cwmorthin slate mine (I’m into that sort of stuff too)
On the subject of mines, remember the slate incline and traverser table at the National Slate Museum, Llanberis? The one that hasn't run since 1997, well yours truly (and a bunch of other FR volunteers) will change that soon. More details closer to the time!
So, here's a picture of Mountaineer.

Friday, April 6, 2012

I've cought the bug...

I've finally managed to log in! (With some difficulty though)
Now then... the Earls body is finished! Here it is;

The only thing that it needs now is the 4 nameplates. 2 of which are the "Fairlie's Patent" and the other two are "Irallt Merionydd". Before anyone asks why I haven't used the English nameplates on one side, it's simply because I wanted to use the Welsh ones.
When I bought the Langley kit (including the nameplates) it was pretty old. The etched brass pieces where dull and had a coating of what I can presume to be a chemical that was used in the etching process left fingerprints and all sort of patterns on them. So as I am writing this they are soaking in a tub of vinegar, hopefully this will clean them up a bit. If not, I will order new ones from Narrow Planet.
The chassis needs 3 of the wheels to be drilled 0.8mm and the rods etc attaching and it’s ready to go.
Now... on to this 'bug' I have...
A locomotive I would love to have running on Traeth Mawr is the infamous Ffestiniog Railway/WDLR ALCo-Cooke 2-6-2 'Mountaineer'. It currently resides at Glanypwll Workshops, patiently waiting for the day (hopefully soon) which it will be restored to running order. Here is a picture of it from last September.

I have managed to find a drawing, but some pieces are unclear and other details simply aren’t there, so in the next few weeks, i will measure the bits which arn't clear. I have a Lilliput chassis which will need two pony trucks, otherwise it's perfect for the job.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I've finished the construction of the Earl's body. Unfortunetly I can't log on to blogger with my laptop to post the pictures. If you want to see the body painted with some matt black with brass chimney rings etc have a look on TMR's Facebook profile. I will post pictures here as soon as I can.