Saturday, July 30, 2011

Panels, points and fiddle yards!

Since I have a weekend of no trainee firing and no more work needs to be done to the garage, modelling can re-commence!
For the Works board, I didn't want to run the line from the works, straight to the mainline, but I didn't want a head shunt, so I had a look for some 009 Catch points, apparently they are in the same isle as the flying pigs. So there was no choice, but to have a go myself.
I read a book about scratch built track, had a look at a few websites and studied my great uncles' gift (some 00 gauge scratch built points)

And here is the result. I know the tie bar is at a odd angle, but it is required to allow adiquate space for the point motor underneath. The blade is off a broken point I had kept, and the rest is simply some flexi track bent and cut to shape.
I don’t think it looks too bad, considering it’s my first attempt at doing anything of the sort.
So the plan for tomorrow is to fix the track down at the works and hopefully start work on a fiddle yard. Kindly Peco's TAB team (Technical Advice Bureau) has kindly replied to my email asking for some plans of they're 009 points, as only 00 and some N gauge are on they’re website. So I can experiment with the track positioning at the fiddle yard with a bit more accuracy.
For control of the layout, I have decided to build a control panel for each board, instead of one for the entire layout. This allows each board to be operated separately to all of the others, less wiring in the panel (avoids frying of the brain whilst fault finding) and minimises the wiring needed between two boards. There are only 4 sets of wires running between boards, which are a 9V DC supply, 12V DC supply, 16V AC supply and the track. The 'supply' wires feed power to the control panels, where it is then sent to the specific item.
Each panel will also include a socket for a controller which will control the different combinations of boards. Which are as follows;
1) Harbour
2) Harbour + Cob
3) Works
4) Works + Cob
5) Works + Cob + Fiddle Yard
6) Works + Fiddle Yard
7) Fiddle Yard
On each panel there will be a switch which will allow the controller plugged into the panel to power the mainline through the entire layout which will be a certain road in the fiddle yard, the works mainline, cob and the platform road at the station. It sounds complicated, but electrical drawings have already been drawn up.
One panel has already been built, it's for the end of the station. It still requires push to make switches and some odds and ends from squires to be finished. But it's mostly done.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Well.. it isn't really a 'update'

Firstly I apologise for the lack of updates, too be honest not much has happened since the last update; I've been attempting to scratch build some wagons and building some un-built kits I have. So, now I’ve got a B wagons 'representation' I.e. it's the rite size and wheelbase, but instead of angular strengthening pieces on the side, I have used some 15x100 thou plastic card. Also I now have a 15 wagon gravity train and dandy wagon. Once I’ve gathered enough money I think a Kato Portram chassis might be used to build a powered slate wagon and the 'other end' a RT models Lister Autotruck, but nothings definite yet. Meanwhile the layout is in the garage, ready to be worked on.
Hopefully soon some ‘proper’ pictures of the layout will be put up.