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Traeth Mawr's next appearances.
Superpower 2013 at Dinas, WHR.
The Traeth Mawr Railway is a 009 representation of a 2ft gauge Railway in North Wales, that was built in the 1830s to transport slate from the quarries high in the mountains, to the port, miles away.
The trains enter the scene between the locomotive shed and a steep rock face, the reminance of a quarry, who's rock was used to build a sea wall, which the railway passes over next.
The trains then enter the station, which has facilities for both steam and disel locomotives. It has a inspection pit and sideingings for storage of fuel wagons. It also has a branch that heads towards the slate warf, which works trains and spare locomotives are kept. It ocaisionally sees slate traffic, nothing compared to what it used to carry years ago.
The locomotives are mostly Ffestiniog Railway locomotives, but has a few others from railways such as the Welsh Highland and other preserved railways. Carriages and other rolling stock are mostly freelance, but there are a few from the Ffestiniog and other preserved railways.

Exhibition Information.
The layout currently requires 5 meters by 3 meters of space (Aprox. 15ft x 12ft) and one 240v supply. We provide a RCD unit for the layout. This is the footprint of the layout.
All operators would wish to have individual rooms and it requires a minimum of 3 operators. The layout is transported in a Transit (or Similar) sized van, which will need to be rented. The rental price will be a bit more expensive to rent than ordinary due to it being rented and driven by myself, i'm 18 years old.