Monday, February 21, 2011

Progress at last!

Over the weekend I got plenty of work done.
A job i have been putting off for a while was wiring a control panel. Over the weekend after making the new track bed for the station out of 9mm ply. I built up a simple mimic panel type control panel, which has a schismatic that included normal and Tri-colour LEDs on a slope, with the Switches for Points, Signals, De-couplers and lights on a horizontal surface on the bottom of the slope. I am going to use two ECM Compspeed controllers, built into the Control Board and each controller has the option of plugging in a Gaugemaster handheld controller. I already have one ECM unit, and I know someone who might have one to sell.
The track has been glued down, and soon it will be wired up. Sorry, but I couldn't find any batteries for the camera, so no pictures as of now, but some will be posted soon!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Damage Report

Today, the Harbour Station, Cob and Works boards have been moved in to the house. All the boards are in the attic except for the Harbour Station board, which is in my room so I can easily work on it. In the post today came some bi-colour LEDs for the control panel point indicators.
On the Station boards I'm planning on replacing the sheets that the track is glued to as they have deformed slightly, to prevent this from happening again I will use plywood, not MDF.
After spending all morning moving the layout, the afternoon was spent wiring the control panel. I've wired them up so if the point is set to turn left, the LED on the right would glow Red, whilst the one on the left would turn Green and the opposite if it is set to the right.
Also I am waiting for the Peco PL-25 Electromagnetic Uncouplers to arrive. A total of 8 are going to be placed at strategic points across the Station board.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh, Dear

Because the layout is stored in the garage and the locomotives and rolling stock are in the house. So I had an idea of laying some track on a board I had that was previously used as one of the boards that formed the 'loop' behind the scenic area. It was kept in the 'attic' of our garage. As I climbed up the ladder, I put my hand against the wall, it was covered with water. After retrieving the board and inspecting the layout, the MDF has started to slightly sag.
So, in a rush to prevent more damage to the layout, it has been moved inside the house to the attic (where it can't be set up) as a result, progress on the layout will stop for a few weeks until I can cure the damp/leaks in the garage. Not a good sign considering I’m hoping to go to Warley in 2012!
Oh, and I might be buying some Ruston and Hornsby 2ft gauge locos, but that’s another post (or blog!)