Monday, September 12, 2011

Not much to report, but 'In other news'

I apologise for the lack of updates, weekends have been taken up by a lot of things the last few weeks. I've been underground in a local mine, learning to drive (which is a good excuse really), trainee firing and most importantly.... rebuilding slate wagons.
This Saturday the 17th, some of you may know that the Cob (which is in the layout) is 200 years old and the Ffestiniog railway is celebrating this by running a special (hopefully, but close to will be fine) 50 wagon gravity train. It would be the longest gravity train since the 1940s.
I, Tim, Bruno, Theo, Katie, Rhys, Islay and Tomos are some of many 'youths' that have been restoring some slate wagons, sorry for missing so many out, but I can only remember a certain amount of people from the last working party. Will (Bruno) and Theo have been employed over the summer for this purpose, with myself and others been there on weekends and whenever we are available. And we are proud to announce that we are not far away from the golden number.
I hope that many of the readers will be able to make it to the weekend, as it is promising to be a good one. Please whilst your there, could you donate some loose change to the 'Wagon Tracks Project' details are on this website. but the summary is to rip up the track at Minffordd station, make a shed for the gravity train in Minffordd yard using old Minffordd station track and replace Minffordd station with chaired track.
Hopefully, after the Cob 200 and Vintage weekends are over, some work will be done on the layout.