Monday, March 21, 2011


Tonight I practiced a bit of airbrushing. I had some Tamiya Acrylic paint, its water soluble, so instead of using thinners, water can be used instead (or that’s what a website said). I tried it out on a test piece, which was a side section of a 00 gauge 4 wheeled open wagon. It seems ok. At first I needed to experiment with the ratios of water to paint, but I soon found that a ratio of 1 part water to 3 parts paint worked well. I had sprayed the coach with some Halfords spray primer, and after it dried, I sprayed the ends of the carriage and footsteps the Tamiya 'Lemon Yellow'. Also the bogies got a light coat of Railmatch ‘Frame dirt’.
Next, I need to find transfers for lettering and numbering, maybe even the FRs crest to go on the side of the mess carriage and Harlech.
Couplings have been added to most of the built wagons of the P.W set, and I’ve ran into problems with Harlech Castle.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

P.W Train

And here she is, the Traeth Mawr P.W train, which includes...

Harlech Castle
Running plate needs to be modified... Will explain why in future post

Mess Carriage
A Parkside Dundas kit. Intended to be a Vale of Glamorgan 3rd class carriage. Half is seating area, and the other is soon to be toilet and mess area. Needs couplings and paint.

Hudson Steel sided bogie wagon
A Parkside Dundas Kit only needs couplings and paint.

4 Wheeled open wagon
Unknown maker, but was a gift when joining the 009 Society. needs coupling and paint.

Hudson bogie wagon chassis
A Parkside Dundas kit, I have two. One will become a Tool Van (Similar to the FR's) and the other will become a Tank wagon. One needs building, Then both will need couplings and paint

Hudson W.D Type D Dropside bogie wagon (not pictured)
Same as the wagon above, but has wooden panelled sided rather than steel. Needs couplings and paint

And some pictures of the workshop I’ve been building. The eagle-eyed readers will notice there are no walls or roof. I’ve got the plans for them, but unsure of weather to build from plastic, engraved foam board or Metcalfe’s paper product. Any comments or tips? Will be much appreciated!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've started to build the workshops for the Boston Lodge board. I've started to build them on 9mm plywood. They will simply drop into a cut-out on the layout and secured down with wither bolts or screws, making them easy-ish to move them if they are damaged.
The insides will be detailed with machinery and the usual tools and equipment and most importantly, maintenance pits.
I am usurer how to build theses pits. But I've sent an email to someone who has built workshops in a similar manor. So hopefully I will receive some advice on this subject.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Layout alterations

The layout has now been moved to the loft. I will need to modify it slightly to enable it to be ran. Here's the old trackplan.

And the new....

As you see, the fiddle yard and station have 'flipped' this will allow me to work on the scenic area, run trains ands see them run through the scenery. Also the fiddle yard runs into the works via a extra board which will allow the fiddle yard to be parallel or at a square angle to the works board.