Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick Update.

The majority of the layout has been put together, ready for some little troubles to be sorted out and final checks before scenic works can commence.
The wiring and track work will need to be modified slightly on the Station 'entrance' board. I've decided to build in a control panel on to the back of it, similar to what I have done on the workshop board.
Oh, and the 'Rollin Stock' page will be uploaded within the next two weeks, promise.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Motive Power Update

Quite a lot of progress has been made with getting locomotives to run. Here are the current list of locomotives and they're 'to do' lists.

Earl of Merioneth
-Body done, Chassis needs 'tweaking'. I am unhappy with the Langley/Bachmann chassis, would like to make a chassis from two N Drive Productions chassis' but production has temporarily stopped. Another alternative is two minitrains chassis.

Merddin Emrys
Chassis mostly built, tweaking required, same situation as the Earl. Undecided about bodywork, either to make my own from plasticard, or spend days making the Langley kit to fit together properly... unsure yet.

Being built by Paul Martin, EDM models. Progress update soon.

Bodywork mostly done, few details need adding then painting. Chassis is a modified N Drive Productions.

Cricieth Castle
Bodywork done, chassis is Graham Farish 08 shunter. Paint work needs finishing.

A possible runner by Warley, it's Paul Martin's kit which he said he would build for me to run at Warley if he has enough time.

Welsh Pony
A Langley kit built by TMR's other operator for Warley, Oliver Bennett. Welsh Pony is running on a Fleischmann Piccolo chassis.