Sunday, May 22, 2011


Here we are, the TMR blog's 100th post! So we'll have a mega update!!!
First, apologies for the lack of posts, the past few weekends have been spent sorting out the damp in the garage and firing the freshly overhauled Linda.
1) Taliesin's wheels arrived Wednesday, and now once I find some time, I will carry on with Tal's power bogie.

2) The layout has been separated, ready to be re assembled in the garage. It's going back in the garage after the damp problem will be cured.

3) I've always wanted to scratch build a carriage of some sort. So i was delighted to see a FR bug box made from plastic card in the 009 News. With this and Robert Waller's 'Carriage Building Guide' I had a go at it, with no drawings at all! Only with measurements from a Parkside Dundas bug box and a Peco wagon chassis. So here's the (unfinished) picture of Quarryman’s Carriage number 12 or the 'Zoo Car'

4) When clearing out the garage (prior to sorting out the damp) dad told me to sort out all of the pieces of wood I had gathered in a pile. So I did, and built another layout!! (well, a micro layout) it's 10 1/2 inches by 2ft, based on the idea that a load is dropped from a hopper, into a wagon, then shunted to a building where it is emptied into a pot under the baseboard. I'm still not sure what the load is going to be.

Green- Processing plant + hopper
Blue- Load transfer yard (to road)
Yellow- Transfer Building
Dark Gray- Standard gauge line
Orange- locomotive shed.

And at last The Cob. But not the model! Some may know that it was the 200th ‘birthday’ of the cob this week, and on Wednesday, the local knitters where out in force! Check this out!!!

Yep, your eyes aren’t tricking you, that is a knitted scarf. It stretches from the arch at the Minffordd side and ends up on the other side of the arch, after being to Porthmadog and back of course! It’s (so I’ve been told) 2 ½ miles long! Jokes of the day included ‘I wonder how many cold sheep are there in Porthmadog’ and ‘that would keep you warm in the winter’ these photos where taken from Boston Lodge (not on the mainline before anyone asks!)