About The Layout

Traeth Mawr Railway is a 009 model railway based on the southern end of the Ffestiniog Railway from Harbour Station to Boston Lodge workshops. It is based in the last 5 years (2005-2010).
The trains enter the landscape through the railway’s workshops and yards, firstly squeezing its way between a rock face and the locomotive shed. It then passes the points to enter the works and Boston Lodge private residence. In the workshops there’s a 3 road workshop and a single road engine shed.
The track then teeters on top of an embankment, originally built to reclaim the area which the railway receives its name, Traeth Mawr.
The railway then enters Porthmadog or 'harbour' station. The railway then enters a single platform station with a run around loop, carriage sidings, diesel refuelling depot, coaling stage and a water tower.
The locomotives will mostly be based on the Ffestiniog fleet, with few from the WHR and locomotives which i think suit the character of the railway, which is a preserved narrow gauge line (similar to Stadfold, WHHR, FR, WHR and the Moesely Railway Trust).
It’s a similar situation with the carriages and wagons, the carriages will mostly be FR rakes, but the wagons will be a mix of FR/WHR wagons and some scratch built ones.
The layout is mostly built by myself, with invaluable help from others!