Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Here's a link to a album of the photographs taken by Paul Martin (EDM Models).

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some progress on 'The Baby Tal'

A few months ago, I had a trainee stoker turn, the driver on Blanche was Paul Martin of EDM models.
He mentioned that he designs and takes comissions to build kits for his 7mm Blanche, Linda, Charles and a Taliesin kit. I asked him if he takes commissions for 009 kits and we started to discuss the possibility of constructing my Backwoods Taliesin kit, he kindly agreed and the kit was handed over.
I had a update off him earlier and some progress has been made. There is a small problem with a Crosshead slipper / guide, but he will sort that out with Backwoods Miniatures.
Most readers will be confused about the title ‘Baby Tal’ It’s the name of the page which Paul’s uploaded onto his website, as it's a 'baby' compared to his 7mm models! Once there is some photographs uploaded, I will ask Paul if it is ok to copy them onto this blog.

So, a very nice Christmas surprise, and on that note I would like to wish all of the readers Merry Christmas, a happy new year and would like to thank all of the readers for taking interest in what I do, the blog just passed 12'000 page views earlier on today (a figure I never thought I would achieve). Before anyone asks, the photograph is from the Earl being used as a plough and point defroster at Tan Y Bwlch last year.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The P.W train

Over the last week, steady progress has been made to make a reasonable P.W train. The list of stock now includes;
Mess Coach
B wagon
Hudson bogie wagons (2)
Brake van (FR number 6)
I've made a chassis to hold a cherry-picker / crane wagon and a companion wagon.
Finally, the motive power!
I have a Kato 4 wheel tram chassis i use to rest track, and i decided since it is a fairly small chassis, it would fit nicely under a rail mounted truck. So a trip to Porthmadog Models resulted in some paint, brushes and an Airfix kit for a Bedford QLD + QLT trucks. The QLD was used as it was the cargo carrying version of the Bedford, rather than the troop carrying variety (QLT)
This weekend was a quite busy weekend and as a result, there was no modelling. However I did manage to pass out as a Ffestiniog Railway fireman, happy days!