Friday, April 13, 2012

The ALCo

I finally managed to get a hold of one of these kits!! For a pretty cheap price too, the 009 Society Members Sales is a highly recommended service!
So, here it is. This is the 'dry run’ with only the tanks glued together and the front buffer beam. Unfortunately, the chassis I was planning on using underneath (a very nice Lilliput 0-6-0) doesn't fit. So I’m now looking for the Arnold 0-6-0.
All of the parts had been cleaned up and will be put together some day over the weekend, the other day i will be thigh high in water, underground at Cwmorthin slate mine (I’m into that sort of stuff too)
On the subject of mines, remember the slate incline and traverser table at the National Slate Museum, Llanberis? The one that hasn't run since 1997, well yours truly (and a bunch of other FR volunteers) will change that soon. More details closer to the time!
So, here's a picture of Mountaineer.

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