Saturday, July 14, 2012


Not the layout, by the way! Today was spent building the backboards, they have all been cut, only one requires attaching, which will be done Monday. I decided that since the Ffestiniog has always had a George England engine in disuse, TMR should have one too! So I built one of them out of card. Before painting, I decided I want some patched of the smoke box and saddle tank to be rusted through (similar to Welsh Pony today) so it was poked several times with a very small needle, which I think gave a good effect. It was then sprayed matt black, then the rust was applied. Tarpaulin was then laid over the cab to offer some protection from the elements.
The tarpaulin effect is achieved by cutting a 5 thou piece of plasticard to the desired shape, then after clamping the model stuck to my bench, the plasticard was laid over the model and a heat gun was aimed at it. It then got soft enough that I could gently encourage it to the shape I required with a piece of wood. The Tarpaulin is held down by rope, which is simply sewing thread, separated to it’s individual strands and glued in place. The engine then found it’s final resting place at the end of the coal siding at the Station.
Out of curiosity, can anyone guess which George England locomotive this is?


  1. I'm very impressed if that is a total scratchbuild.
    It looks to me like Palmerston in its ex-static boiler state - however from the photo the wheelbase suggests a Large England. But the 'Pony' never lost her chimney. So it's either Palmerston of LG.

    1. It is Little Giant, made from scratch. Mostly made from card, but the frames, wheels and rods are plastic. Cylinder block made to a guesstimate size using milliput roughly moulded then filed into correct shape.
      The dome cover and tank lid are buttons! ‘Filled in’ with milliput and filed to a dome shape. Handrails are bits of wire.

  2. That is very impressive. Every model of a preserved railway should have one.

    Have you considered sending a write up to the 009 society or a magazine? A scratchbuild out of cheap materials would be a great article as it's the sort of thing that gets people to try scratchbuilding - if it goes wrong it doesn't really matter.

  3. I never thought about that. I'll have to make another one though, didn't take any pictures building it. I have thought about sending a article about building my Earl (from plasticard), but since I haven't finished the chassis yet, I’ll wait until I’ve got a running model.