Friday, November 23, 2012

Warely 2012 Let the show beggin...

Well, we're at Warely. Currently sitting in the Premier in, feeling like a King in my double bed! The layout has been successfully put up, with only two slight problems. The first being is the uneven floor of the NEC, which has caused a bit of hassle with the joining in the rail between the Porthmadog and workshops boards. This was cured by putting packing between the layout and trestles. The other problem is the kind point of the fiddle yard doesn't seem to be going over far enough to get good electric conductivity. This was solved by putting packing underneath the tie bar. only 3 layers of thin card, but it seemed to do the trick! I'd like to say thanks to Martin Neeves, which is the man that dropped his plans to take the layout to Warley after the hassle with the van and thanks to Paul Jones, the exhibition manager for handling the issue of an extra operator. Some photos will be put up on their own page after the weekend. You could find this underneath the blog title at the top of the page, possibly tomorrow evening. Just a thought, who'd buy a book about the construction of the layout? It was suggested by one of the other exhibitors that i should write a book about it. What do you guys think? Is it worth it?

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