Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baseboard Frame Construction

Yesterday, I went to the B&Q in Bangor to get some wood for the baseboard frame. When I arrived I saw that there where multipacks of 71mm x 18mm, I was going to buy 96mm x 18mm but the 71mm x 18mm multipack was cheaper. Today I started to measure the pieces and as I was cutting the first few pieces I got a phone call asking me to help catalogue and clean/repair some of the club kayaks (+ get my kit done for free :D). So it was about 2pm when I got back, and I carried on cutting the frames. I did the Boson lodge, Harbor Station and traverser boards, and I will wait to get the boards from a local merchant before constructing the rest.

Also my mum went to see my grandmother and she called saying there’s a few 009 items from her uncle for me, Vic Bradley has given me a big box full of 00 items and a few electronics stuff before, but recently found out that I’m into 4mm narrow gauge. So there will be another post either later on tonight or tomorrow evening to tell the contents of the mystery box!

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