Friday, August 13, 2010

The plan for the next two years!!!

I’m the kind that likes to plan what I’m doing with the layout. And, I have made a list of things I would like to do for the Porthmadog and Warley shows. Here’s the list of thing I need to do before the shows.

+ Fiddle Yard
-make the board
-lay track
-wire up
-add blocks of wood that a top sheet of wood screws on to protect the track

+Boston Lodge
-Wire up too DCC
-Relay some of the track
-Make buildings
-Add trees, bushes etc

+ Cob
-add some sand
-Add seaweed, old boats etc
-detail track

+Harbour Station Board(s)
-finish laying track
-wire up
-add point motors

-Make a control panel
-Re-paint the back scene
-make test track at back
-make board protectors and fold down display boards
-buy lights (long reach desktop variety) and a IKEA ‘Dimma’ to control the intensity and figure out a way to hold them in position.

Also the layout is still in pieces around the house. Hopefully soon my aunt will collect a freezer from the garage, and the layout will go up after new windows (that don't have 1/2 a inch gap around the frame for 'ventilation') are installed.

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  1. Interesting stuff - pity all your older image links are broken