Sunday, September 30, 2012

Today's progress

Today, the layout is now 90% wired up and operable. It only requires the lights etc to be connected then the fiddle yard to be sorted.
A good portion of time was spent building Parkside Dundas FR bogies to fit under the carriages. (see picture attached) An additional 6 where made, only another 14 to go!! I've also built a Parkside Dundas 4 wheel Hudson Steel bodied wagon,kit a Carriage 10 / Van 2 kit and FR style 3rd compartment bogie waggon.
As for the Earl, I'm getting more and more frustrated with the chassis. The poor quality of the whitemetal castings mean that it teeters on two wheel sets, which means it will wobble whilst moving and slip with minimal load, I need to find a solution, quick!
By the way things are going, I'll only have a ALCo, Prince, Cricieth Castle and Taliesin working at Warely with Oliver Bennett's Welsh Pony. The Earl will most likely parked outside works! A shame really...

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