Friday, November 20, 2009

The first locomotive! (or chassis)

Today I just won two Graham Farish N gauge class 08 diesel shunters for the reasonable price of 30 pounds and 5.50 p&p. I also bought a Chivers Finelines Ffestiniog Railway "Harlech Castle" white metal body kit for 16 pounds and my plans are to paint this locomotive like the real 'Harlech Castle' This would become my Permanent Way locomotive and I will eventually (after Christmas) buy the kit again to build a locomotive (I wont call it Cricieth Castle, I’d like to rename some of my locomotives to names after inspirational places and or people. There are a few ideas I have in mind:-

1) Afon Dwyryd (river that closely follows the Ffestiniog Railway)

2) Cwmorthin (local valley)

3) Harri (my late grandfather)

4) Llywelyn ap Gryffydd (The last welsh king)

5) Moelwyn (Schools name)

6) Pwll (the nickname for the area my grandparents lived)

7) Tanygrisiau (Where I lived)

8) Salem (The chapel that I went to Sunday schools name)

9) Borth Y Gest (A beautiful seaside town where I often go kayaking)

10) Wyddfa (doesn’t need an explanation!)

Hopefully the next post will be the construction of the loco!

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