Sunday, November 22, 2009

Size, Shape and Location!

Due to a... erm... a low attic, not much room and nowhere to store the layout i currently have, i've descided to downsize things, it will be of the same area, but small enough to fit into my room, which has a bit more room than my attic! So i will be 'replaceing' Minffordd Station with a fold away/detachable Fiddle Yard, less running space, less stock running optionsbut i will still be able to model the area i wanted to model. Here's the result of a few hours brainstorming, and a talk with the one that will probually be cleaning up the scatter off the floor!... Mum! A future addittion might be 'minfordd' that will be able to be sloted in between the fiddle yard (top left) and the 'works' (top right)

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