Saturday, June 5, 2010

The plan changes... (Again)

I was thinking about what to do with the layout, and I’ve got thousands of ideas going through my head, these are the most useful/likely to be done;
1) Remove the rear board completely; I’ve recently had an accident that damaged my knee (badly) so it will be easier for me to access by not going 'under' every time
2) With the removal of the rear board it will become an end-to-end layout, so on the board directly behind the works, a sector plate/traverse/cassette system will be added.
3) Eventually converting all of my present locomotives to DCC, and any 0-4-0's will be accompanied with companion wagons to help electrical pick-up
4) I’ve been thinking how I could make the joints between two baseboards solid, and I came up with an ingenious idea... have none! I’m going to build a metal frame and legs for the layout which will hold lights, legs, the layout, info boards and crowd barriers. I then thought that I could make the 'front' of the layout in one piece and then the harbor station extension and cassette/traverser/sector plate/fiddle yard board will be able to come apart from the layout.
5) Rebuild a (smaller) control board, the one I built could be shrunk about 80%, which will save space!
6) Unfortunately rebuild the Boston Lodge board; I placed the track on polystyrene then plastered it… with plaster, not a very good idea! So sometime in the far future (3-4 yrs) I will build another 'Boston Lodge between exhibitions in the same way as the harbor station was built, by building up the track work on a raised section with polystyrene filling in the gaps.
7) Buy some Ikea lights and a dimmer to control the brightness

The lights are self assemble so the base will be removed and possible the light will be attached to a bar that will run just underneath the top of the backboard. Also I’ve added my (hopefully) final plan.

At the bottom right there will be a fiddle yard, bottom left is the workshop board, middle is 'Y Cob section, above it (top left) the first harbor board and secondly is the harbor station extension board. The layout will be viewed from the left, looking right and from the top looking down.

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