Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taliesin update

On Thursday the kit arrived! So Friday was spent thoroughly reading through the instructions and looking at which parts went where. When I received the kit it had a note inside saying that Peter (the maker) didn't have the driving wheel sets in stock, and he will forward them when he receives them. It's a fairly simple kit, it's the only reason Taliesin was bought and not Blanch/Linda/Charles. Whilst in Warely last year, I talked with Peter at the Backwoods stall; I said that i was interested in buying the Blanche kit. He showed me the WHR Russell kit, and after discussing what experience i had in building etched brass kits, he suggested that Blanche might be too complicated for a 'first' Backwoods kit.
So, I’ve started the construction of the body, bending the 'inner tanks', tanks and the cab side. Then I bent the running plate, to match the bend at the base of the water tanks. Hopefully more progress will be made over the next week and pictures will follow soon!

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