Saturday, February 6, 2010

Frame and Baseboards

Today, I’ve finished measuring and cutting the legs and baseboards. I started at about 10am and worked at a steady pace and finished about 4pm. I clamped the baseboards together, drilled the screw holes, attached the legs and started to make the control panel. Now, it's in the garage standing up on its legs! The only thing that needs to be done is to attach and adjust some of the boards, find long enough screws to go through the legs (the current ones just barely fit through to the other side) and finally put the backboard up in place.
Also I’ve bought 50 new on-off-on switched for the points for only £14! Considering the cheapest I could find was £0.69 each, and I needed 17 (Some of these will be used as on-off switches too!).
The plan for the next week is to raise the track bed on the Harbor Station and cob boards and also to possibly start laying the rest of the track!
I tried too take pictures to upload but it was too dark, I will take and upload some tomorrow.

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