Friday, February 5, 2010

Frame and Legs

For the last three days, every time I moved my neck it caused pain and I had a really painful headache... I went to the doctors and after the classic 'say ahh' and feeling my neck he said that I had an infection of the Lynch glands, so he said for me not to go to school, and have a day of resting. In my dictionary 'resting' means modeling!
So instead of school I had a good 5 hours of working on the framework of the layout until the sun disappeared. I managed to measure out all of the boards ready to be cut, adjusted the harbor station board, drilled all of the screw holes (to hold the baseboard together), cut the wood for the legs to a height of 42 inches and glued the leg 'bracket' type things to the frame of harbor station and fiddle yard board 1, but I was limited to do only 6 due to a shortage of clamps!
Tomorrow I have a list of things to do which include
1) Attach the legs to the harbor station and fiddle yard board l, plus attach them together if dad remembers to get the screws from work.

2) Try to attach the scenic backboard to the harbor station board.

3) Glue more of the leg 'brackets' into place on the Workshop and on the fiddle yard board 3 boards.

Pictures will be posted sometime tomorrow.

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