Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rolling Stock

I've also decided, (forgot to mention in last post), that i have made a rolling stock list. The picture below is the final plan. These are the sets i want to build up. The FR set 1 and 2 will have lights in them, controlled by a hidden DCC chip in the guard section of 124 and 100 (or hidden underneath).

I was also talking to a part owner of a hunslet. And the topic of discussion started at hunslets, then garrats and ended up at the question, what will a hunslet style garrat look like? So about a hour of tweeking a picture of a quarry hunslet came up with this, nicknamed ''Baynermart''

And after thinking about it, I love the idea. So, in the future a Chivers Finelines quarry Hunslet (about £16) will be ordered with two N drive productions 12mm w/b chassis (total cost without work will be about £110) but might need to save up some money first.

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