Monday, December 28, 2009

Completely new (but influenced by the previous) trackplan!

After I priced up this layout I estimated that it would cost me between £400-£500 pounds WITHOUT locomotives, stock, and scenic things. I've estimated the prices of things like track, wood, wiring, point motors, point motor switches, a descent transformer. Also things I would like to use for the benefit of my locomotives, track and point motors. These are an Electronic Track Cleaner (from Roco or Gaugemaster) and CDU (to lengthen the life of my point motors probably from Gaugemaster).

I've managed to lower the track price from about £280 to £180! This is at a cost to the track plan. The 'Boston Lodge' layout has completely changed saving me 5 points and a few lengths of track. Also the size has changed; this is the new track plan.

(The sizes at the bottom and sides are estimates at the moment!)I have also started to buy the points and track. I’ve got two ‘Y’ points, 1 left points and 2 right points. This was all the shop had, so I ordered some, they should arrive sometime next week. (I am still waiting for Nigel Lawton to get the Meridian Chassis back in stock to put underneath Linda)

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