Sunday, December 13, 2009


Firstly, I’ve repaired the 060!

After hours of staring and thinking what to do, I figured it! the wires I had where too big to replace the wires that picked up from the tender, so I’ve disconnected them, the solution leads to a problem, the rolling stock connect to the tender, but the tender doesn’t connect to the loco. So I got some thin wire, and bent it round a part of the chassis. I then made a 'hook' that goes through a hole I drilled in the front of the tender.

After studying the inside of the loco, there was two pairs of wires going to, only thing I could see a bulb at the front. I looked at it and it connected to the bottom of the chimney, I looked at the top of the chimney and there's a 'pin' in the middle, I’m not an expert on this subject but I think it’s a smoke generator.

Secondly, I bought something off eBay ... again!!!

When browsing I saw a loco by an unknown manufacturer and 3 Roco coal trucks. I bided and won. When they arrived, it didn’t work, but its partially my fault, I didn’t read the description correctly, it said 'motor needs servicing' but after studying it, it worked fine, it was either the gears on the driving wheels OR the worm screw on a shaft that runs along the bottom of the loco. Luckily when I bought a chassis for Harlech Castle, I bid for two Graham Farish 060 chassis, I only used one under the Harlech. So, after thinking about it I could modify the body (and luckily the frame sits perfectly over the new chassis) to put the chassis underneath.

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