Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Last night I couldn’t sleep… so, I did what anyone would do, I started on the ‘landscaping’ of Boston Lodge. I started by making the sides of the poly sheet look like it had been built up, so its at roughly 45 degree angle towards the baseboard. I also added a few pieces of plasticard with a pattern of a wall on it to the sides to make it look a bit more realistic. I then went back to bed (and slept like a log!).

Today I then decided to get a bit of progress done on the track, I soldered most of it together, the only pieces that isn’t soldered is the carriage/P.W stock shelter. I've also tried to connect a point to a lever frame i got from a friend, i've only installed the system for 1 point but might use it to do all of them. (can be seen in the top picture [the orange bit]

Also I’ve bought the Parkside Dundas F.R ‘bug boxes’ from harbour station (then went to Wilkinson’s to buy the quick-dry spray enamel paint). I then built two, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to turn the third into a tool van for the P.W trains or a bike carriage (F.R style, not the converted B wagon on the WHR). I then decided to build it, but I haven’t painted it, it still could be a P.W crew carriage, ah…. decisions decisions!

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