Monday, December 21, 2009

New revised (economically friendly (ish) plan)

I've been studing trackplans and the local area of where i'm modeling and i descided earlier on to go on a 'what i would like' basis. Then to 'whats actually there' and finally 'minimal amount that i can afford, that works well and resembles the area'. So, this is the final (hopefully!!) trackplan.

I am still unsure about the building layout for the harbour board ^ So i've let it blank

(the black square at the top is a traverser fiddle yard)

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  1. If you want to keep you initial costs down you could just lay a track straight through the Boston Lodge section to start with, to give you a working layout. Then you could come back and add the rest of the track once you've completed the cob and the harbour station. You'll have more time to save up for the Boston Lodge track so you could spend a bit more on the station track, so you could add in an extra siding or two.