Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Construction on 'Y Cob' and update on Linda

Today, after sitting in my living room watching re-runs of Top Gear on Dave, I decided to get of my bum and actually start construction on the layout! I had four lengths of flexible N Gauge track, so I’ve decided to use that, I’ll have to cover the track with ballast so you cant see the obvious difference between N and 009 gauge track!

I started off by putting the baseboard on the bookshelf it will be living on, at the moment there is no support at either end but it should be ok (as long as I don’t put too much tools or weight on one end!).

I then got a long strip of 1 by 1/2 inch polystyrene I had and I decided that it will be the 'cob'. Originally the cob wasn't 'square' it was an embankment, so that’s what I’m going to do. I will fill up the side’s probably tomorrow with some thick plaster or polyfilla!
Also I gave Linda some detail! I added the blue (only the blue ) I know it probably doesn’t look as well as many people would expect but it looks a lot better without the flash (as is evrything else in life, the flash finds the bad things to highlight) is the best that I could do, considering I did it with a medium sized needle in a Archimedes drill!
I’m also waiting for Nigel Lawton ( to get the Meridian Model MPD18 chassis back in stock; this is the only motor bogie I could find that will fit in Linda, and i will have to cut a notch in the chassis and then cut a bit of the saddle tank! But luckily you wont be able to see the cut in the saddle tank! The wheelbase is 3mm (18mm appose to 21mm) smaller than the real thing and I will have to ‘adjust’ the chassis a bit but I think I’ve got it under control! The other problem is that is doesn’t come with extended axles, but Nigel has agreed kindly for me to buy the kit for £32 instead of £35 without the wheel sets.

I will only then need three things for Linda.

1) Cranks – I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to make my own but only ended up with nothing that looked like the ones on Linda. I will buy these from Backwoods miniatures (

2) Rods – I haven’t tried to make these yet, I know that they need to be at least 18mm In length, I will probably make them out of plasticard and .5mm wire.

3) A way to attach a pony truck – The real Linda (having been fortunate enough to be doing work experience at Boston Lodge when Linda was being overhauled and seen the many parts of the loco) The pony truck is stuck on a pivot on the chassis, but I don’t think there will be enough room to do that with the Meridian Chassis underneath too. I’ll have to wait and see!

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