Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Construction on 'Boston Lodge' board

Today I started the construction on the Boston Lodge Board. I laid down the track on top of ¾ inch polystyrene. I didn’t lay it accurately, only roughly to what the layout was going to be, and then I made a mark around the track and cut the polystyrene to shape, then cut it. I then put glue down on the baseboard and glued the polystyrene in place. I then pined (with dressmaker’s pins) the track down temporarily. In the picture below the red lines indicate the position of groves I need to cut to make rods for the points, these will end up on the back of the layout where the plan is in the future (when I have enough money) to link then to point motors. I have never motorized points this way before, so it should be interesting (although I have seen it been used in the Tremadog Model Railway Club’s old layout (without the point motors) [which was removed due to the building they met at being unsafe!])

Due to the ‘middle’ polystyrene board being slightly lower then the other two, I’ll need to raise it a bit (possibly using a cork tile) to stop trains going up and down unrealistic gradients.I’ve also tried (for the first time) to solder track together, (at the bottom of the picture) the Y point, right hand point and a straight (on the other side of the Y). I think it has gone ok, I tested it with Linda’s tender and it didn’t derail. :D

Here's the baisic idea. (will publish a post with a bit more detail)

Carriage shelter (nearest line) and a P.W stock/loco shelter (line which loco is on)

Locomotive Shed (i will place longer pieces of track instead of thease two)

Locomotive 'preporation' area with water tower and coal stage.

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