Thursday, May 6, 2010

FR Coaches

At the exhibition I bought a book called 'Ffestiniog Odyssey' by Nick Welch, I was reading through it and he said that the first two FR coaches he had where Triang 00 gauge coaches, he simply butchered the sides to match the FR Bowsiders scale size and re-assembled. I might go along this line for a while, buy a few cheap 00 and N gauge coaches, butcher the 00, and place on the N gauge's frame; it’s a fairly cheap idea to get some good rolling stock! also in the post (hopefully) are some plans for the South African Railway's Type B mineral wagons that are on the WHR and FR, I will then attempt to make some out of plasticard (I’ve seen some etched stuff by Warsley Works, but my soldering skills aren’t good enough to start doing things like that!

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